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First steps to digital making

Fabrication numérique à l'Etablisienne

 You want to know more about new making techniques ?

3D printing and laser cutting are all new techniques now available at L’Établisienne.

With 3D printing you can make in a few minutes a small object of your creation.

With laser cutting, you can cut or inscribe in wood, paper, cardboard, plexiglass…

During the workshop “Getting to 3D printing and laser cutting” you will discover these techniques and you will learn how to implement them.

You will discover how and witch soft use to draw objects, what precautions to take in the way you draw.

You will understand how to export models to be manufactured by 3D printing to local or remotely through Établisienne services Sculpteo, or cutting laser Établisienne.Be even mentioned the possibility of making a CNC machine.

At the end of this workshop, you know depending on the nature of your project what techniques, what software and which machines you better use to make your ideas.


– 25€

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10 courses x 2h