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Laser : GCC, Mercury III

Laser Cutting and Engraving


 A laser cutting is a process which allows extremely precise cutting of many materials.

The machine of the Etablisienne, a Mercury III of GCC, allows you to cut and engravings in the wood, plexiglass, cardboard, paper, leather

Thicknesses accepted depends on material. Generally no problem to 4 or 5 mm. Then it can become increasingly difficult. You must slow down to cut. And soon a problem arises: is carbonized matter. Or the material resists (plexi).

There is also restive materials to CO2 laser cutting (our ): all metals, zinc aluminum. Some very resistant wood are not cuttable with our machine: ebony for example.

The maximum size is 640 mm by 460 mm, for your convenience, choose 600 x 400 mm

Two possibilities for using the machine :

  • Use self-service: Mandatory training and € 38 per hour ; Package 5 hours € 150 ; Package 10 hours € 200
  • Service: € 72 per hour ; Facturation is made on the time spent on your work (time machine for cutting and engraving + file management time and materials), proper preparation will ensure a minimum cost. Name your files well (with a short name). Label your sheets of material with the reference file corresponding cut.