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Marie Prenat, “TALALILALA”

Présentation portrait talalilalaAfter graduating from an Interior Design School and worked for parisians agencies for a few years, Marie wanted to evolve into a more practical and artistic profession. With a strong sens of aesthetic, and a will to be closer to people, she became an up-cycled objects designer.

How can one give a new function to an old-fashioned object ? Marie takes up this challenge working with everyday products, with simplicity and affordability.

Known as “Talalilala” , she will provide you with a large diversity of workshops (such as fabric jewels, cushion-making, mobile objects…) in the atypical, surprising and casual atmosphere of l’Établisienne. Marie is also itinerant and moves around at home, in company or for events, always in a convivial way. Itinerant, Marie can also get to your home, companies or any events, always indulging in conviviality.

Playful and unique, her treasures will delight the people she brings her creations to.

The interview by Marie-Claire Idée at l’Etablisienne


Talalilala’s website