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Parisian workshop since 2011 - Discover, train and make

Your cyanotype photograph

Come and discover the cyanotype process

 The goal of these 4 hours is both to learn the cyanotype process and to draw one of your photographs from a digital file.

We will address technical and historical aspects. We will choose together your photography / graphic creation, taking into account the specificity of the Cyanotype. We will prepare a digital negative for a draw per contact, this will allow us to address some important concepts on Photoshop (tuning layer, Fusion mask, optimization of sharpness …).

After this workshop you will be autonomous and can easily make cyanotypes at home.

Requirements: Bring a selection of 4-5 digital photos of which you are the author (landscapes, still-lifes or urban photos, as well as very graphic photos are preferred). No special technical knowledge required.

Workshop :

  • Historical and technical notes.
  • Inducing sheets of paper.
  • Choice and preparation of the image, creating an optimized digital negative.
  • The first test cyanotype is calculated as an optimal exposure time.
  • Test prints of your photograph: Analysis and correction.
  • Final draw. Drying and framing.

Rates : 

– 154€, the workshop

– 144€, for members