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Suite aux restrictions en région parisienne, la boutique est fermée et notre programmation suspendue.
Nous sommes à votre disposition pour répondre à vos questions : Formulaire de contact ou FAQ


Pictures from l'Établisienne.

We will be closed from August 3rd to 28th

Atelier_location-cours-stages_L-Etablisienne-Paris_photo-Adrien-Daste-Fondation- EYA unique place dedicated to make-yourself, furniture and housing.

A self-service workshop, a shop, a consignment, a relaxation area for documenting inspire you.

Coffret Cadeau - L'Établisienne

Searching for a gift ? Or maybe just a new experience ? Discover our workshops and let yourself be tempted by an original and pleasing way of creation !

A two-hour course, a package, hours of workshop,  a lot of suggestions in the shop part.

The gift boxes are fully customizable. In the form of chips, the beneficiary will select the theme and date he likes !

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Mesurer_location-outils-atelier_L-Etablisienne-Paris_photo-Adrien-Daste-Fondation- EYA self-service workshop where you can rent benches, tools and benefit from a storage space.
Open to all : students, individuals and professionals. One hour to one month without commitment !

How it works…

Available tools…


atelier-stages_l-etablisienne_paris_adrien-daste-fondation-EYCourses to start or improve in the areas of furniture, the decoration and the house to yourself, out of curiosity or for the sake of learning.

Group lessons two hours or one day, weekly sessions, workshops and multi-day lessons are offered in workshops equipped and dedicated to the practice.

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We offer various services and training, ranging from the discovery of digital techniques to the use of machines independently.

Training :

Sketch’up: rapid formation to draw your creations on 3D software

First steps: discovery of digital manufacturing applications

Laser machine

Services : 

  •  3D printing, 10 euros TTC per hour, filament included
  • Laser cutting and engraving, 72 euros TTC per hour (billing per minute). Materials not included. Information and sending files to laser@letablisienne.com

For more details: Format, file, materials.

Location :

  • Laser machine, starting at 20 euros TTC per hour, Materials not included



For a special emission , Michel Cymes and Stéphane Thebauten came visit l’Etablisienne. Follow them with HLProduction video for La Maison France 5.


A consignment specialized in furniture and decorative objects: chairs, tables, mirrors, frames, lamps … but also tools, materials, ironware.

And why not swap the furniture that you no longer use against hours of free service.

Depot-vente-objets-decoration-brocante_L-Etablisienne-Paris_photo-Adrien-Daste-Fondation- EY - copieToo much chairs , too large a table, a mirror that no longer fits your style, come and convert them into hours of workshop.

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