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F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions

How long are gift vouchers valid?

Don’t worry, our gift vouchers have a duration of 3 years, changeable if needed!

The Etablisienne Membership is a necessary condition for self-service work in our spaces.

It allows you to access discounted prices on courses.

All the answers are here: https://www.letablisienne.com/en/membership-card/

You will find on this category: https://www.letablisienne.com/en/category/tools/ the list of tools accessible and included in the rental.

If you are not already trained, you will have to take a course to use the router (planning here) and the circular saws (planning there).

With regard to digital machines: laser cutting and 3D printer, validation of your experience is mandatory.

Without being partners, here are some suggestions:

Of course! L’Établisienne welcomes you with pleasure if you simply want to visit the place, in view of a reservation or even simply out of curiosity.

We are open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can spend without an appointment, every day (excluding holidays)

Noise and dust at will! On the other hand no welding.

All creative workshops are accessible to accompanied children. Access to courses around woodworking is possible from the age of 16 with parental authorization.

Thanks to its training and courses, L’Établisienne allows you to acquire the maximum knowledge that will allow you to embark on your personal project. Learn how to use tools like the breaker and the circular saw, discover with our cabinetmakers what woodworking is through our courses, or make an appointment for personalized accompaniment with one of our professionals.

Yes, because we offer you to store your work for the time of its design.

No need to clutter up every day!

In order to distribute the occupancy of the establishments, it is necessary to book in order to plan your comer and take into account the availability!

You can, provided one membership per person. However, we only count you an hour for two!

Our tools are reserved for use on site, however, two tools are available for rent outside at a price of €7 for 24h:

  • a screw man drill,
  • a sander.

Indeed, some of our courses are available in English: