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La Réserve des Arts

 La Réserve des arts, now a partner of l’Etablisienne

“La Réserve des arts” is an association that collects waste and scraps of materials in companies, values them and sells them to creative professionals.

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Mon Magasin Général

-20 % on Mon Magasin Général

To follow you in your projects, we regularly seek to offer you quality partnerships. As a major consumer of tools and materials ourselves, we regularly test suppliers.

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bostikBostik group offers all the bonding solutions for DIY beginners, casual or professional, with three brands that are: Sader Bostik and Quelyd. Read more…


Partner Bosch Corporation,

In the workshops, you will use tools selected in the blue range machines (professional) and green (DIY) brand. The router course, circular saws also take place with Bosch tools.

Find on Bosch website all of their products, a glossary, tips and tricks and on Le Coin des Bricoleurs many answers to your question.

Le Géant des Beaux-Arts

Partner Le Géant des Beaux-Arts


Thanks to Le Géant des Beaux-Arts France for our screen-printing workshops.


Partnership with Ryobi,

You can use Ryobi Tools at L’Établisienne.

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Partnership with AEG,

You can use AEG tools at L’Établisienne

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