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Workshop : essentials of woodworking

Woodworking : a full day workshop

Mortise and tenon, tongue, lamellos …? A full-day practical course.

Become familiar with the tools and actions needed to woodworking.

We will teach you to master the vocabulary and tools, you are a beginner or want to refine your knowledge.

The items discussed during this day are:

  • the main types of wood and materials,
  • sawing by hand, using conventional saws and Japanese saws,
  • chisels
  • the proper use of the jigsaw,
  • discovery of the router,
  • the different types of joinery: traditionnal (Tenon, mortise, Tongue and groove groove…) and modern joinery.

Course from 10AM to 1PM and from 2PM to 5PM

Wearing closed shoes is recommended

Initiation au travail du bois

Duration: 1 day(s)

Type: Wood

Course language: French

Audience: Adults

Prices Category J

Single tariff