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General Terms of Sale

General terms of sales for training courses, accompaniment and workshop hours provided to private persons

Article 1 : Purpose

L’Établisienne is an establishment of the company Nowido, and offers training and consulting services about DIY, decoration, furnishing and craft for private persons in its locals located at the 88, Boulevard de Picpus, 75012 Paris. The current terms of sale specify the conditions under which the services are provided by l’Établisienne.
The user buys the service for himself or for the offer through gift box. The gift is not registered. It can be purchased by a person (“Purchaser”) and used by a third party (the “Participant”). Participation in courses, workshops, workshop accompanied the proposed L’Établisienne, is subject to the conditions set out below.
Order and purchase one or more services and their use implies that the buyer and the participant unconditional acceptance of these general conditions of sale and use at the date of the order and purchase.
Purchases membership and workshop hours self-service offered for sale by L’Établisienne through gift boxes are subject to the general terms and conditions of the accession of L’Établisienne in effect in date of purchase and accessible on the website of L’Établisienne.

Article 2 : Subject and characteristics

Schedules, terms and contents of each service are described in detail on the website: www.letablisienne.com

Article 3 : Registration and reservation

Registration in a training course or reservation for an accompaniment is achieved directly on the website, on the phone, or on location, if tickets are still available. On the website, registration can be achieved provided that the course is still available for reservation. Registration is definitive when you receive a confirmation mail from L’Établisienne. L’Établisienne can cancel the reservation if the client’s identity, his/her mail address or phone number is incorrect.

Article 4 : Rules

                As services are provided in the workshop part of the locals, you are asked to follow the rules and instructions.

Article 5 : Responsibility

                L’Établisienne is not responsible for the loss or damages to the objects brought to the locals. L’Établisienne is not responsible for any harm whether self-inflicted or from a third person; L’Établisienne cannot be held responsible for the results of the projects carried out by the client, which are done under his/her sole responsibility, even on the grounds that they have been previously taught during a course. After the training course, the client who carries out manual activities does so under his/her sole responsibility, either on location at L’Établisienne or elsewhere.

Article 6 : Intellectual property-copyright

                It is strictly forbidden, except with a special authorization, to record or to film a training course. Pedagogic documents given during training courses are protected by copyrights and can be used only for personal purposes. Thus, the client can’t use, copy, pass on and more generally exploit part of or the entire documents.

Article 7 : Computing and liberty 

According to law 78-17, from January, 6th 1978, about computing, files and liberty, each client can consult and rectify information about himself/herself, by sending a letter to L’Établisienne or mailing with the contact form. Information given by the client when making a reservation and/or using the website www.letablisienne.com is processed by a computer for a better monitoring. L’Établisienne ensures that the files stay confidential. The current terms of sale have been declared to the National Computing and Liberties Committee (CNIL) under number 1513457. Information is neither passed on to commercial partners nor to other people, except with an authorization from the client.

Article 8 : Possible disagreement

In case of disputes, the court in charge is the Magistrates’ court of Paris and the relevant law is the French law.