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Making workshop

You need help to make your own piece of furniture ?

Fabriquer à l'Etablisienne

A coffee table, headboard, lamp, stool …?

Whatever the furniture or object that you want to make yourself, we invite you to come in the workshops of L’Établisienne.

Entirely à la carte and customizable, these accompanied workshop sessions are planned for 4 to 5 people maximum.

From one session (start-up, technical validation, blocking point …) to several to benefit from accompaniment at each stage, all the formulas are conceivable.

For help for the conception it’s there : praparing my creation

Prices Category A

– 49€,

– 39€, for members

– 1 Gift tocken “Atelier de 2h à 2h30

Enjoy great rates

(by purchasing several courses as part of a package)

10 courses x 2h

The schedule is on the french website : https://www.letablisienne.com/fabrication-accompagne/