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Exhibition La Fin Du Mobilier

In plain ash wood, usefull and  and designed for small spaces.
You will like the simlple lines and the original proportions of the desk 2.0 and the bookshell “Près des yeux”.

The wall sconces, Emmanuelle drawn illuminate the room.
A simple hook table allows to hang them ! Usefull for a light corner in the livingroom, in a coridor or like a reading light above the bed, the wall sconce is still exposed at L’Etablisienne in different materials.

Exhibition Patricia Ozanne

At l’Établisienne, materials and the hands that transform them are valued.

These surroundings are ideal to highlight the work of the artists and crafstmen.

Patricia Ozanne has shown “La collection florentine” in October 2011 at l’Établisienne.